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LeCornet is now open!
Monday to Sunday | from 12 to 8 p.m.

What’s New at LeCornet This Summer!

LeCornet, which opened for a second season a couple of weeks ago, has some new members of the team in charge of the tempting lickables on sale at this popular ice cream bar… Marie-Josée Leduc is the new manager, and she brings with her a wealth of experience!

You can drop by and say hello to her and the LeCornet gang this summer. The ice cream bar is part of the Versō hotel, on the shoreline of Lake Memphremagog—the ideal spot to cool down on a hot summer’s day! Here’s some background information on Marie-Josée in the meantime.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been in the ice cream business for 18 years. I started in Montreal, then moved to the Eastern Townships. I was visiting friends who had bought an inn in Magog and noticed that the local La Lichette (an ice cream parlour) was for sale. I knew about this establishment because La Lichette was a franchise at the time, and there was one in Saint-Hyacinthe, my hometown. I fell in love with the one in Magog and bought it right away!

Indeed, most people probably know you from La Lichette!

They probably do. I bought La Lichette back in 2002 and worked there until a major fire destroyed it in 2018. I met a lot of great people during those years, but after the fire, I took a prolonged break from the ice cream business… Now, I’m really happy to be back!

What do you like best about running an ice cream business?

I’m like a fish in water. I’m truly passionate about ice cream! Basically, it’s like selling happiness… I love seeing the pleasure on people’s faces, their smiles, being able to suggest some of our yummiest products. Plus, most of our customers are on vacation, so they’re already in a great mood!

What made you decide to join the team at LeCornet?

I was already familiar with PAL+ | Touristic Experiences. I’d been following the company since the very beginning. I’ve been to the company’s establishments, eaten at several of its restaurants, taken a couple of cruises… So when a friend of mine heard about the job and thought of me, I applied right away! It seems PAL+ also already knew me (laughs). Let’s just say, given my past experience and the fact that I almost felt at home, that I was a natural “fit”.

PAL+ is a really great company, and I think opening an ice cream bar in such an ideal location, right on the shores of beautiful Lake Memphremagog, was a brilliant idea! So many people go right past on foot or on their bikes, especially during the summer. I could see the potential of LeCornet, so I jumped in with both feet! I’m really excited that I’ve joined the team.

What can customers expect for the summer of 2024?

Responding to popular demand, we’ve added chocolate-flavoured soft ice cream so now, we’re also offering “twists”. All our products are still, of course, made with ice cream from the Coaticook dairy—the best of the best! We’ve got a few new items as well, including LeDéliceGourmand—a mouth-watering, maple/sucre à la crème-infused dessert that I created myself!

Apart from those, because this is our second year, we’re keeping some of the most popular items from 2023—for example, our two signature desserts inspired by strawberry shortcake and black forest cake… Mmm, mmm! Also, we’re always trying to improve our products and to make them as accessible to as many folks as possible, hence our vegan and gluten-free options.

What is your own particular favourite item on the menu?

Oh dear! Am I allowed to pick only one (laughs)? There’s LeDéliceGourmand but then there’s also the black forest. The cherries are a safe bet because they are tart, thus adding a beautiful balance with the sweetness. Finally, there are the famous gelatos and sorbets made by Savo in Sherbrooke. In my opinion, their mouthwatering flavours are really memorable, especially the vegan version of salted caramel gelato and lemon sorbet.

Some fun facts about Marie-Josée…

  1. I don’t have a favourite dish, but I ADORE Italian cuisine.
  2. My dream trip would be to tour Europe in an RV.
  3. I play several sports, including pickleball, cycling and swimming.
  4. My favourite type of music is blues.
  5. If I had to describe my personality in 3 words, it would be: honest, determined and always in a good mood!

For the early part of the summer, LeCornet’s opening hours will be Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6 p.m. (or weather permitting). During high season, opening hours will be extended.

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